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[Snart & Murdock] I'm taking back the crown

"Welcome to the end of eras,
Ice has melted back to life,
Done my time and served my sentence,
Dress me up and watch me die,
If it feels good, tastes good,
It must be mine"

Characters: Leonard Snart & Matt Murdock
Continuation of: Minor Injuries

He should've expected to wake in a hospital bed, cuffed to the handrail. He was under supervision and he had a feeling, as soon as he was awake, they'd transfer him to the local prison. His information, his identity, his warrants, and criminal record were all erased, thanks to his deal with Barry, so nothing would trace back to him. The only thing they had on record was this current, failed job.

He carefully pulled the IV from the top of his hand with his teeth and gripped the needle in his fingers. He bent it at an angle with his teeth and turned his hand over to use the improvised tool to unlock the first cuff. The first one was the hardest, using the same hand that was cuffed to the bed, but with that hand finally free, he could easily unlock the other. He pulled the power on the heart monitor so it wouldn't wail when he removed the infrared finger monitor, then detached himself from the machine.

There were probably police posted in the hallway or right at his door to keep him from escaping, so he'd need to be very smooth. Unfortunately, by the time he reached the door, someone opened it. He stood in place, glaring daggers at the man who stepped through. Well, there went his escape plan A.

"I think you might have the wrong room." He drawled sarcastically. Whoever this guy was, he didn't look like a detective or a cop. Snart didn't recognise him, so he wasn't a visitor if he was even allowed visitors.
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Matt knew that voice, even if it didn't know him. He looked a lot different in his day job clothes. Sans sunglasses, he nearly looked sighted. The only thing that gave him away was the white stick in his hand.

He smiles, amused, his eyes not quite tracking where the man was. "It's possible. It wouldn't be the first time." Strange how they let the criminal up walking around but perhaps the police didn't see him as much of a threat without his cold gun. He offers a hand forward in Snart's direction, "Matt Murdock, attorney."
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The guy had moxie, no doubt about that. Matt let his hand drop, letting the offer of handshake drop with it.

"I could ask you what you were doing being up and around after said attempted armed robbery instead of in bed...but I think we both know the answer to that."

He may be blind but he was no fool. Even if he had been here to see a client and ended up in the wrong room, he may as well follow this while he could. "I'm sure the two guards outside would be interested to know as well."
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Matt never lost his amiable nature. "We could just talk instead? For a man facing a charge of attempted robbery, perhaps you could use a lawyer's point of view."

Or if he wanted to, he could just shove the blind man aside and make a break for it. It's not like he was stopping him.
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"You would prefer jail time then? Not going to argue your case in front of a judge?" No, this guy didn't seem the type to stick around for arguments.

Yes, too smart for his own good, this one. "I don't doubt that." He probably had heard it all already. "I'm willing to bet you think the only poor judgement you had was getting caught. Am I right?"
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Only Matt knew the term iced was meant literally, not figuratively.

But for now, he'll have to pretend he didn't know. "The cop who brought you in? They don't take kindly to cop killers in any state." Even when half of them are crooked.

"I don't mind listening if you don't mind talking." It was his job anyway to talk to supposed criminals. Matt usually defended the innocent though. This one wasn't innocent.
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Honestly, if they were going to start comparing childhoods...

Matt actually prefers the truth, its always tedious when crooks try to play themselves off as innocent. This was almost a refreshing conversation by comparison.

"I don't defend killers," he says, the conviction in his voice unable to be doubted. "I help put them away for good. I defend those who need it." The ones that the Kingpin took advantage of because they were the little people. The insignificants.

What did he get out of it? "Justice." Simple enough.
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"Perhaps you're right," he says in return. Matt moves to the door as if to go. He had to see his client after all and he could tell the guard on the way out that his prisoner wasn't restrained anymore. "Sorry to have wasted your time."