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[Snart & Murdock] If you ask me to change

"I'm a wanted man,
I got blood on my hands,
Do you understand?
I'm a wanted man"

Characters: Leonard Snart & Matt Murdock

Murdock would've heard that the criminal escaped the hospital before he could be relocated to his prison cell. No one was harmed in his escape. He'd also hear that the evidence, his Cold Gun, also went missing that same night. Again, no one was hurt. After that, Murdock wouldn't hear a peep about Cold or his weapon in his streets for months.

Until a gathering of criminals--low-life murderers and thugs--working for the Kingpin were spotted causing a raucous in an unusually bad part of town. Telltale signs of Snart's Cold Gun were reported. Several criminals were found and apprehended after being locked in an iced-over dumpster with a note attached: Cold, hard killers inside. You're welcome. No fatalities were reported.

Unfortunately for Leonard, his next scuffle didn't go so well. Kingpin was expecting his attack this time, and it ended with Snart pinned down in a warehouse that was up in flames. He hated the heat. He was on a mission. Kingpin was working with Vandal Savage, and Savage was intent on causing an uprising in this city to get the Legends killed. They had that idiot Palmer and as much as he hated to admit it, he needed to rescue the shrinking nerd. But when these guys started using Palmer's tech against him, he lost his advantage.

A gash along his cheekbone wept blood down his cheek and a cut on his temple added to the display. These guys had already killed two cops that came to investigate the scene. Snart defended a third and got him out of the building, but in doing so, lost his only chance to escape and gave away his position.

What he wouldn't give for Flash to show up right about now.

"Oh, come on!" Snart yelled in exasperation at the thugs firing relentlessly at him as he hunkered down for cover.
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They couldn't be making more noise if they tried. In Hell's Kitchen, it was like shooting up a signal flare. The sound of gunfire, the roar of the flames, the sirens, the shouting...

A dark figure ran lightly across the rooftop, smoke and heat escaping out the side windows of the warehouse. Whoever was pinned down in there, those thugs weren't going to let them out alive. They didn't even seem to care the place was on fire. Likely the Kingpin had told them not to come back if they didn't complete their assignment. Only one side of the building was covered by the arriving cops, the other side was left unguarded. He leaped down to a crane wire and swung in through a broken window. Landing and sliding in on a wooden board left propped up against a box.

Daredevil vaulted into a somersault over the mountain of cargo to where their quarry was hiding and dropped in next to him. His batons crossed on the gun to prevent accidental shooting at him. That's a familiar heartbeat. "You sure know how to make friends in this town."

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Team? Well, well, well. That was interesting.

He smirked, bullets pinging off the wall behind them, just missing by a fraction. "I wouldn't think you one to give up that easily." Five hostiles, he could hear them moving around, getting ready to rush them.

"Once they stop shooting, go right and see if you can make it slippery for them." Time for him to play distraction.

The heat was stifling and closing in around them. Matt ran left, backflipping behind some shelves. Too many to take head on alone. But that's never stopped Daredevil before.

Running, batons in hand, he jumped over another set of boxes, taking out the supports holding them as he did. There were yells of "Hey what's that??!" and shots starting to fire in his direction as he ran around the group, knocking over specific boxes and support structures.

Suddenly it started caving in around the gunmen, like an avalanche of burning boxes on top of them. They yelled and tried to run from it but it was too late.
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The flames closing in were making it interesting for his super senses. Cold was right, they needed to get out of here. If his memory was correct, the back of the warehouse faced the bay. That's why the police weren't there.

"Window!" he called out, running towards the nearest one behind Smart and flinging his baton at it. The glass shattered as Daredevil came, not slowing down and preparing to jump through. Parts of his costume were already on fire. He would just have to hope it wasn't too long of a drop.
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The little fires all fizzled out once he hit the water. Matt spluttered up to the surface, trying not to think how dirty the water probably was out here and just glad to be alive.

...and no mask. Where was it?? It must have come off when he made the jump into the water. Matt searched in vain with his hands, unable to sense through water. It was likely at the bottom of the bay now. Chagrined, he crawled towards the shore, keeping his head slightly turned away but he knew it wasn't going to do much about keeping his identity a secret. "Next time, I'll be more specific."
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There was no hiding his face now. He had figured on some kind of reaction and so far it didn't sound good. He quietly checked his batons, putting them into his boot holders.

However, he couldn't help a small bit of satisfaction at the question. "My other senses make up for the eyes. I've learned to use them better than I ever thought possible." More sirens around the front of the building.

Matt didn't want to get caught out in the open like this. "Com'n, we should get as far away from here as possible." He knew a few shortcuts that would take them back to the rooftops of New York in very little time. And with nobody seeing them.
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He never did give his name when he asked before.

"Daredevil," he says with a smirk. Hey, blame it on the newspapers, he didn't pick it. But it seemed to fit with how he always went headfirst into danger.

He led the way to an alley and climbed up the fire escape. Two more roof tops and he was letting them into his apartment window. The place was dark but that didn't bother Matt. "How badly are you injured?" he asks. He could smell the blood, as well as the smoke from the fire. His own costume was singed in places but he was fairly certain he didn't get burned himself.
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"I realize that, however I know when you're telling the truth." Can't lie to his ears. Snart was pretty brave taking on all those goons by himself for one of New York's Finest. "Someone who would stand up for their friends is someone who can be trusted."

He dug in a closet and came up with a first aid kit. Flicking on the lights as an afterthought. It was a regular sort of apartment, except for the lack of pictures on the walls that people usually have. All except one black and white photo of a boxer.

"Might be something in here that'll help with those cuts," he says, opening up the box and running his fingers over the braille dots on each package. Finding some gauze and antiseptic ointment.
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It makes his other job a nightmare. Knowing the person on the witness stand was lying but only able to do so much to draw it out as a lie.

The question wasn't a new one but it did make him pause. "That's my father....good middleweight." He sounded proud of him, though it was obvious the picture had been taken awhile ago.

He dropped the supplies into his hand. "Then don't owe me, I'm sure someone who knows how to break into a bank could find me another first aid kit."
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While Snart is busy fixing his wounds, Matt comes back with a new costume and mask. The other one is a total loss. It paid to be prepared, he had a closet with a few extras in it.

"Not exactly," he says. "I was only 8 when he died." Matt sighs, regret tinging his words. "The wrong kind of people got a hold of my father. When he tried to fight back, do the right thing, they killed him for it."
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Matt wasn't one to go all weepy anyway. He was more of the getting justice instead type. "It's the way of Hell's Kitchen. You either roll over and give up...or you try harder to survive."

He nods, knowing people couldn't pick their own fathers. His wasn't much after he rolled over and gave up for organized crime. But he'd gotten a second chance. And organized crime paid him back by killing him.

"Some bumps and bruises but nothing I'm aware of." If there's something glaringly obvious, Snart would be a pal and tell him, right? Like missing an arm or something?
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Matt listens, understanding where Snart comes from. Not all criminals were bad guys. Some were just born into it. However, things did seem to be turning around for the former Captain of Cold.

"There were rumors on the street that someone new had shown up but nobody would say who." None of the usual rats he shook down would tell. They were too scared to.

"And he has one of your friends?"
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His mouth set in a line, Matt pulled his hooded mask back over his face and eyes.

"You say that's true, but that's a hard fact to swallow. A man that can't be killed?" How were they supposed to fight him? Not that Matt wasn't in, oh no he wasn't letting anyone take over this city just like that.

"Sounds like you're going to need it." He checked the batons in his boot holders. They would need to strike tonight and not let this go any farther than it already had. "The Kingpin's building isn't easy to get into." Unless his friend was being held elsewhere that Snart knew about.
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But he did have the advantage of a super human radar coming with him.

"Must be some team," he says, knowing how Snart was when they first encountered each other. Matt was up for a rescue type mission, just point him in the right direction.

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