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[Snart & Murdock] Victory's within the mile

"Life's a game but it's not fair
I break the rules so I don't care
So I keep doin' my own thing
Walkin' tall against the rain"

Characters: Leonard Snart and Matt Murdock
Continuation of: The Sound and Fury

Stealth. Sara was better suited at it than he was, but he was still better than say, Palmer, Firestorm, or Mick. Plus, he worked better with Daredevil. They'd had practise together, they knew eachother's habits to an extent and he trusted Matt more than Sara did. So, stealth. The only problem with stealth, was that it worked better if you actually had the advantage of surprise. The moment he got the door to the vault room open, a hand grabbed him by the front of his jacket, jerked him forward, and slammed him into a wall. He was already glad Daredevil was concealed carefully in the room adjacent. He'd hear the assault, but he'd also be out of sight of his assailant. However, as soon as he got a look at his assailant, he knew Daredevil would need help. Malcolm Merlyn. Former leader of the League of Assassins, if the data was right. Why was he here? Rip said they were just investigating a small time aberration. An artefact called the Sheers of Destiny or something like that. Leonard didn't care what they were called, he just knew he needed to nab them and get them back to their proper place in time.

Funny how that wasn't actually happening right now. No, instead, Malcolm had him jerked from the doorway and slammed against the nearby wall in less than two seconds, his world spinning and the wind knocked from his lungs, then he felt something sharp pierce his neck. Shit!

"He should've sent Sara. Sorry, Snart. You're not up to a fight with me." Malcolm smiled and patted Leonard's cheek. Leonard managed to pull the Cold gun from its holster before Malcolm could stop him, but he did manage to grab the barrel in time to keep it aimed away from himself. "Ah-ah. Really?" Merlyn slammed Snart's hand back against the wall, the force jarring his grip and the gun clattered to the ground. He slid his hand to hold Leonard's wrist and before Cold even knew what was going on, he was spun around and shoved face first into the wall, arm wrenched up behind his back painfully, taking a heavy blow to the kidney. Malcolm landed three more to the same target before Snart's legs gave out under the assault and Malcolm made sure his head met the wall with the same force as his wrist.

Daredevil would hear a body collapse to the ground. Snart was still breathing, but it had slowed. He was unconscious. There was a slight hitch to it, however, and not just from the pain. Malcolm pulled out a communications device and spoke into it, "You were right, they did come. I doubt he's alone, but their little Captain thought he could actually sneak Leonard Snart into the building."

"Secure him. I need you and Darhk back here, now." The voice replied.

Malcolm ziptied Snart's wrists and ankles together and left him on the floor, taking his gun with him, pulling the door shut when he left, confident Snart wouldn't be awake any time soon...
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Daredevil had been searching another room when he heard the fight. His ears telling him that Snart wasn't the winner and he quickly vaulted over the nearest box and ran to the closed door. The assailant had left already. He could hear Snart's heartbeat but couldn't get him to answer the door.

He boots the door open, the wood splintering as it breaks around the lock. The dark clad figure runs into the room, his modified staff in hand and hurries to check Leonard to see if he's okay. "Snart, wake up," he finds his shoulder and shakes it, trying to wake him. His pulse was still there.
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He did have a knife, hidden in an ankle holder. Matt will have to thank Sara for insisting on bringing it. The ziptie is cut in an instant and Matt tries to help Leonard to sit up. "Did you get what we're after?" Because if not, this mission was going to be aborted with one of their own down.
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Matt doesn't catch him when he staggers, but Leonard will find the end of his staff at his back, keeping him from tipping over. "I suspect we don't have five minutes if they plan on coming back to collect you." So far he couldn't hear anyone coming thankfully. At least he could help listen for the tumblers.
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"We'll get it back," Matt says, certain they could. With the ship full of gadgets and toys, surely there was something that could track a cold gun.

He looks suspicious under that mask. "...what do you mean corpse?" Because he wasn't lying when he said that. "Are you severely injured?" He didn't smell any blood. His heart was beating, he just seemed really tired.
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Well. That certainly put a new urgency on their situation. Matt taps his stick against the vault, lighting up it's insides to his ears. "It might take too long to get in here, can Gideon do something?" Maybe they should just run back to the ship before anything else happened. The Captain would be upset but he'd get over it.
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Even drugged, Snart was still the best. He supported Leonard as much as he could. "We're going to need a quick exit back to the ship after this, Gideon."

He quickly moves into the vault and finds the stand with his staff. Knocking it over so the artifact falls into his hand.
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Matt takes a defensive stance, parting his staff into two nightsticks. "Daredevil. Here's my card." He moved fluidly into two kicks with a spin and hit with the nightstick. The artifact dropped on Snart's stomach for him to watch. If he can.

Hopefully Matt can hold them off till reinforcements came.
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He grit his teeth and fought back harder than ever. Unwilling to give up, even in the face of someone who could beat him.

"No, it doesn't," he says, blocking the blade and sweeping low for his legs with the nightsticks. "If he dies, you die." He is not leaving.
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The hand lit up with sound for Matt, making it even easier to avoid it for him. He does let him have one nightstick while his other one smashes down on the knife hand, taking it away. He lets the knife fly, the man ducking in the nick of time as it buries itself in the wall behind him.
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lol Mick

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He was all set to take one for Leonard without thinking but the telltale sound of the Atom suit made him pause for a moment. Long enough for the rescue to ensue.

"I might get used to this teamwork after all," he said, trying to help pick up Snart off the floor. He retrieved the scissors and his baton on the way as they all made a bid for freedom. Matt clenching the artifact in his hand without realizing as they made their way back to the ship.
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You are so right *dies* mickname

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Never had Daredevil sprinted towards medical so fast. It was a slim hope that the computer to fix such a lethal situation. He should have more faith in Gideon's abilities.

When he's finally able to catch his breath, Snart sitting in the healing chair. A slight pain registering in his right hand as he realizes he still has the artifact. "Spose that means the mission was a success," he says with a sigh, setting the scissors down on a computerized counter and assessing the small cut on his hand as best as he could with his fingertips. Only a scratch, but it was bleeding. Nothing he couldn't bandage on his own, let Gideon take care of Snart first.

When he comes to, Matt is seated nearby, napping in between waiting for Cold to wake up. He stood and came over to Leonard with a smile of relief, his hood pulled back. "Sorry, guns aren't my specialty. I could resort to knocking you over the head if you prefer?"
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Matt chuckles, "Don't let her hear you say that." Or he really will get that knock on the head. There's a hollowness to his laugh though, Matt does feel partially responsible for not being quick enough to prevent the situation from turning bad to worse in the first place. He always could be quicker, faster to react. Sara likely feels the same way sometimes.
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"I'm afraid not," Matt says, not happy with losing one of their weapons either. They'll have to go back for it at some point, whenever Snart is back on his feet. "I'm sure it will turn up again."

Not like that guy was going to leave them alone anytime soon. He lends a hand for Snart to get up out of the chair when he hears the struggle.